Für Mediziner

Salt Awareness Week 2022

will take place 14–20 March, and will shine a spotlight on a simple yet effective approach that we can all take to improve our health – by shaking the salt habit!

To mark Salt Awareness Week have developed a policy resource highlighting ‘what works’ when it comes to salt reduction policies.

Results from a scoping review of real-world evidence has revealed several key elements, including:

  • Bold and ambitious political leadership to implement and maintain salt reduction policies
  • Mandatory salt reduction targets to create a level playing field
  • Front of pack nutrition labels to incentivise reformulation
  • Advocacy to aid the prioritisation of salt reduction on political agendas
  • Consumer awareness campaigns to build support for salt reduction, but not to be relied on as a standalone tool for salt reduction
  • Interventions in the out of home sector and fiscal measures on added salt products could ensure wider progress

Decades of very strong evidence tells us unequivocally that salt negatively impacts health. Robust salt reduction policies must be prioritised to prevent millions of needless deaths globally, and save billions in healthcare costs.

To view the resource, click here.